Patti Gordon is a talented author and speaker whose wit, wisdom, and unique gift for storytelling move life-changing truths from your head into your heart. Her personal stories, shared with intimate honesty, capture life lessons based on Biblical truth.

Patti earned her Master’s degree in counseling from the University of Nebraska. She has worked as a freelance writer and instructional design consultant for more than twenty years. But her true life purpose has little to do with corporate America or building a business. Her passion is to inscribe people’s hearts with the life-changing truths of scripture, share stories of God’s love and faithfulness, and help people know Him in a real and personal way.

In her book, Barefoot in a Broken World, Patti invites readers from all walks of life to join her on a journey to intimacy with God. Through laughter and tears, she shares stories of her life and encourages readers to join the adventure of walking with God, watching Him work, and finding true fulfillment in Him – the lover of their souls.

Patti has had the privilege of speaking to audiences in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.